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WHAT DOES AN “ELEVATOR PITCH” MEAN? Transform it into your Video CV!

An  elevator pitch is a short, informative and concise overview of an idea for  a service or a product, and can be understood as an  "elevator presentation".  In the past young career-minded salespeople used the duration of an elevator ride, to convince their superiors of their projects. The superiors can then evaluate the quality of an idea and the founding team member  often based on the quality of the elevator pitches so as to weed out poor ideas quickly. We believe this formula is very appropriate for the online labour market; because there are so many candidates, anything that quickens the pace and makes the job easier for employers is a plus!
For the success of an elevator pitch it is essential to not rely only on  facts and figures: The decisive factor is the emotional appeal. A  good feeling or "vibe" is achieved by the remote party through  pictorial language,  body language  and  a voice  that evokes positive associations.

"What can you do for me?" This is in all likelyhood the question an employer wants to hear the answer to within the first 90 seconds of your elevator pitch video CV. We are living in short-message-times *twitter, sms, etc. General attention span is dropping - and therefore your messages must hit the spot and do so quickly.  Carmen Zedler

Elevator Pitch Simulation as a Video CV

Recording a Video CV is simialar to an “Elevator Pitch” situation. You must imagine it is so. Imagine you have got the chance to present yourself during one or one and a half minutes in a video which will be seen by your desired employees. What should you do?
  • Set the focus completely on yourself and decide what message you want to convey
  • Be convincing in your posture, voice, message and presentation– this is also good practice for an in-person interview
  • Benefits: A video CV makes you appear confident and professional
  • You can upload a single video, and, with the help of a friend, create a quality recording and place it on our platform
Carmen Zedler speaks about what a Video CV means nowadays and why it is important to create one:

An example of a well made Video CV. Don´t be shy and pitch yourself:

Video CVs are an increasingly popular resource for job seekers. The advantages are obvious: For Human Resources they’re a new and interesting form of recruiting and headhunting; for applicants, they’re a way to personalize written CVs and stand out in a huge applicant pool.

Don´t hesitate any longer! Take a camera and make a 1.5 minute recording of yourself! Or let it be made by a friend. It´s pure fun!
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